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My Story

Have you ever felt trapped in a life that isn't fulfilling? Do you go into work every day painfully waiting for your shift to end? Do you ever think of that career path or life you would much rather live but quickly put it in the “never going to happen” mindset because of a limiting belief you have? 

This was me for 5 years of my life, I despised trying to fit into a life that wasn't for me and I wanted out but just didn’t have the courage or the right mindset to change. I had little self belief in my own ability.

In early March 2020 I became quite ill and for 10 days I coudn't move. I spent that time reflecting over the previous years and I asked myself would I change much if I could do it again? The answer was loud and clear. I'd change a lot. Let me explain..


Ever since starting college, it was like I just drifted into a life directed by other people and not chosen by myself.


I did a Business Degree in college and then took up a position in sales. Both gave me great educational and financial opportunities. The only problem was - I was miserable. None of it was meaningful to me. I spent most weekends attempting to distract myself from this situation but that pattern got old very quickly.

I was trying to fit into “the norm” in order to feel part of a society where I was doing the right thing ignoring the fact that I should be the decider of how I live my life.

For some years I had been following some Online Entrepreneurs and Fitness Youtubers on social media platforms. I was completely drawn to their career path and the freedom it gave them.

Unfortunately, I always had this limiting belief from a younger age that I couldn't be one of them. I wasn't smart enough, I didn't have what it took to be an online entrepreneur. 

This one limiting belief I created in my mind prevented me from pursuing a new found passion for entrepreneurship.

Shortly after turning 23 and completing a year in my business development position I travelled the East Coast of Australia and the Asia.

Travelling that whole year really allowed me to experience the joy of freedom, to decide my own days and to see what the world had to offer. If only I had the self-belief to set up an online business to do this for a longer period of time....

I returned to Ireland straight into the trap of a full time job without the freedom I wanted, back to my mindset of "I'm not able to create a successful Online Business." However, within a short time I had an awakening.

Reflecting during the period I was ill, I made a life changing decision to pursue my passion to run an online business and at the same time genuinely help people.


I made an investment in two life changing courses in life coaching. Immediately, My own personal development started to significantly improve. I was getting up early in the morning getting a good workout in. I listened to entrepreneur podcasts and studied course work daily.

I stopped playing the victim and making excuses not to pursue entrepreneurship.

Listening to podcasts and watching training videos of people that had the success I desired daily resulted in me gaining more clarity, maintaining a laser focus and I could sense my motivation levels rising rapidly.

Making Life Coaching a complete priority helped me to develop a bulletproof mindset as it became the biggest goal in my life.

I wanted to reach the level of time, location and financial freedom but more importantly the emotional freedom I had dreamed about over the last few years. This motivated me to keep going when things got tough.

I visualized myself in the position I wanted to be - a Life Coach transforming mindsets and helping to significantly improve peoples' personal development.

I set out clear, realistic daily and weekly goals. I had an accountability buddy who made sure I hit these goals giving me the extra push I sometimes needed.

I began to connect with like minded people for support, guidance and practice on a daily basis. Finally, I was pursuing my passion.

I embraced taking a lot of action, even if failure occured I knew I was learning and it was a step in the right direction.

I have now become much more confident and realized  “there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.” I now look at the challenge of getting out my comfort zone as an opportunity, not a problem.


Within 6 months I’ve gone from someone who thought he was incapable of setting up his own business to someone who’s now a successful accredited Life Coach. 


I've single handedly set up my own website, developed a logo and brand, coached paying clients, wrote an Ebook and set up a mindset transformational group for Millennial Professionals and Entrpreneurs.

 I’ve achieved this by taking a life changing course of action and maintaining laser focus which has resulted in a firm success mindset.  


In summary, I've now successfully launched an Online Business and am sharing my knowledge, education and experiences by coaching underperforming entrepreneurs, like I once was, to mastering their mindset, progressing in their career and achieving peak performance.

So, are you an underperforming entrepreneur looking to master your mindset, progress in your career and achieve peak performance?

If any of this story resonates with you, book YOUR FREE coaching discovery call where we will deep dive into a conversation for 60 minutes on zoom on how exactly we will get you to achieve your version of success.

Because you only have one life.