What is a discovery session?

A Discovery Coaching Session is a free powerful coaching session which gives you the opportunity to see how coaching can get you from being an underperforming entrepreneur to mastering your mindset, progressing in your career, achieving peak performance and finally live the outstanding life you desire.

Is this you?

Are you a frustrated entrepreneur not performing at your best level?


Do you feel like you're not living up to your full potential?


Do you feel trapped in a stuck position right now?


Are you constantly thinking about why you're not progressing to where you want to be?


Do you put the thought of going after your version of success in the “never going to happen” mindset?


Are you annoyed with yourself for not making a change yet?

What On Earth Is Coaching?

Coaching is having conversations where we use powerful tools and techniques to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Peak Performance Coaching specifically is where I guide my clients from underperforming with a weak mindset, not living up to their true potential and not going after their version of success to mastering their mindset, progressing in their career, achieving peak performance and living up to their true potential.

I do this by targeting areas of perosonal development that need improvement by giving them my complete and utter focus guiding you through possible obstacles occuring whether it's with your mindset, progressing in your career and taking step by step actions to get you out of the stuck frustrated position you're in. I make sure you're constantly moving forward and improving in the areas that are essential to acheive your success while ensuring you develop an extremely powerful success mindset.

My name is Mark Glennon and I’m a Peak Performance Coach. The reason I can help you is that I’ve been on a life changing journey of self development and transformation in the past year. 


I started off my millennial career playing it safe studying a Business Course and Working as a Sales Professional but my dream was always to build an online business and create freedom for myself. For years I had little self belief in my own abilities. I struggled with taking the risk factor to pursue a life most people weren’t. Finally, after years and months of underperforming with my true entrepreneurship talent, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and go after my genuine passion by developing a bulletproof mindset, taking an abundance of action, having laser focus and constant motivation. 


I did this by prioritizing my number one goal ahead of others with careful time planning. I wrote down WHY I was doing it every single day which gave me the motivation to get the work done while visualizing the outcome and each step to get to the end goal. I was constantly listening to podcasts and taking courses from Mentors who had the success I desired. 


This gave me the clarity on what exactly I had to do to achieve my success while also adding in daily good habits like setting daily and weekly goals, reading coaching and business related books, communicating with like minded people in a Facebook group and training my skills with other coaches as much as possible. This quickly eliminated my fear of failure and significantly improved my self belief.


I’m now a successful Online Entrepreneur and Life Coach, helping fed up and stuck millennial professionals transform their mindset and take action to achieve their version of success. 

How the Coaching Works

We will sit down and have a powerful conversation for 1 hour each week via a video call on zoom, firstly identifying your challenges in your personal and professional life before developing a rock solid step by step action taking plan on how you’ll overcome these challenges and achieve your goals to get you to your desired success.

Why the hell should you pick me and not another Life Coach?

Are you worried about the Investment?

My Coaching Programmes are extremely affordable. I’ve got a range of payment plans to cater for all budgets. 


If you’re worried about the investment, think of why you’re reading all of this right now, think of not being fed up with yourself and your life anymore, think of actually going after what you want in life and achieving it.


Think of how proud of yourself you’ll be. Think of how much better your life will be. Think of how many people you’re going to prove wrong. Think of achieving your version of success.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I also offer a complete no quibble money back guarantee. If you’re not happy within the first 30 days of your programme and you feel I’m not living up to your expectations for whatever reason, you can have 100% of your money back no questions asked.

What can you expect from my coaching?

Gaining complete clarity on what steps you must take to achieve your Peak Performance

Taking consistent action towards your goals 

Pushing through fear to help you get to live your dream life

Developing a mindset so powerful you’ve no choice but to achieve your success

Overcoming any limiting beliefs you have about yourself

Significantly improving your self-belief and confidence

A life changing personal development transformation.

The real truth here is, you deserve more than wasting your true potential on something you’re not passionate about doing like I once was. You only get one life, you owe it to yourself to make it the best fucking life possible and achieve your version of success.


I know you’re ready to do it and make a real change in your life but you need the right guidance and action steps to get there which I will give to you. 


I want you to know that I’m talking about a real transformation here, this took me from underperforming and feeling miserable with no motivation, self belief and action taking to mastering my mindset, achieving my dream of being a successful online entrepreneur and constantly maintaining peak performance in my career.


Click the button below and schedule a time so we can have an extremely powerful coaching session resulting in you leaving with a crystal clear vision of your future, what your exact specific steps are to get there and how you’re going to overcome all of the challenges holding you back so you will feel re-newed, re-energized and ready to take action. 


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